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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Little Buddy, Colton | Grand Blanc, MI. | Newborn Photographer

Check it out, two Coltons in a row on the blog.  And they are BOTH so darn precious!  This Colton is just the sweetest little baby.  I was blessed to be asked to photograph him in his very first moments of life, on the day he was born.  Unfortunately, he was whisked away quickly, and I didn't get to capture all of those things that a photographer hopes to be able to capture, like the moment he is first weighed and measured, or his first skin-to-skin cuddle time with mama.  But patience payed off, and after sticking around for a while, I was able to snatch a few shots of daddy's first time really getting to meet his son, face to face.  I had to shoot through the nursery window, with the blinds down, but they are priceless pictures regardless.  Then, after a bit more waiting, they FINALLY brought mama down the hall to see her precious baby boy, and I was grateful to be granted permission to join them, to help capture her first cuddles with her baby boy.  It was a beautiful and emotional day, and I am so happy that I was asked to be there.  

Fast forward two weeks later, after one postponement due to me getting a cold, (I will NOT shoot a newborn unless I am in tip top health.  I would never risk the health of a baby), I got to revisit this adorable munchkin to do his newborn pictures.  It was a beautiful day, so we were lucky to be able to bring little Colton outside for a quick autumn-themed shoot.  We actually had to relocate leaves from one part of the yard to the ideal spot for the shoot, (we're tricky like that.  lol), but with the help of big daddy, Brett, we made it happen, and it looked great.  Colton loves his daddy so much, and it shows.  I watched in awe as he repeatedly smiled every time daddy would say "are you my little buddy?"  It was definitely something to see.  It never failed.  Every time dad asked him that, he would just smile away, and that went on for a good period of time.  ADORABLE!

The one request that these proud new parents had for me, was to get some shots of their little man with some wolverine gear.  They had a hilariously adorable UofM mohawk hat, which was specially made just for Colton.  I'm not sure that Colton loved wearing it as much as we enjoyed looking at him wearing it.  He just looks so unamused.  Lol.  We then moved on to making some use out of daddy's jersey.  Little Colton barely covers a fraction of that thing.  Still so tiny, at over 8lbs.  Katie and Brett, I'm sure your sweet baby boy will be fitting that thing in the blink of an eye.  Thankfully, you will have these images to look back on and remember how tiny he really was.  :)

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