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Thursday, October 11, 2012

And the Winner Is.......... | Ortonville, MI. Toddler Photographer

I recently participated in a local trade show, Septemberfest, that takes place annually in our town.   I had such a great time, and met so many locals, and even ran into more than a few acquaintances that didn't even know that I am a photographer.  (I guess I need to mention that more often, lol).  Anyway, during the show, I had a raffle for a free session, and I am happy to report that the winner of that raffle is the proud mama of an adorable little boy, Koltyn.

Koltyn was so much fun to shoot and we couldn't have had better fall colors and lighting than what we found at Depot Park, in Clarkston.  This little guy is so energetic and just wants to go go go.  It is so fun to watch him toddle on his freshly matured baby legs.  He was such a little stinker as he teased me with his hat.  I would ask for it, and he would quickly pull it away and look at me with the funniest little scowl on his face.  Then he would smirk and extend it back out toward me just to snatch it back again and give me that same serious face from before.  After all of that, he was so sweet when he came up behind me, while I was crouched down, and gave me the biggest hug!  I just melted.

I would've loved to just take him home with me after the session.  We could've cuddled up on the couch and watched the Lions play on a Sunday afternoon.  Ok, so I'm not a HUGE football fan, but I would watch it with this little guy, while he wore his super cute, personalized, Lions jersey.  I'm guessing there is probably some daddy baby cuddle time for him on Sundays.  :)

I really loved photographing this little cutie, from his beautiful brown eyes, that just sparkle when he smiles, to the little whorl of hair that sits perfectly on his forehead.  I cannot wait to see him again.  Thank you to Erica, Bryan, and Grandma for being so great, and being the best assistants.  You have such a beautiful family!  I hope you love these.  :)

Mama didn't want to be part of the photographs that day, but I am so glad that I captured this little moment between the two of them.  Erica, you are beautiful, and you can just tell that Koltyn loves you SO MUCH!!!

Oh yeah, THAT'S the face!  What a stinker.  lol

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