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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sweet Sweet Sophia. | Michigan Newborn Photographer

Facebook is a wonderful thing. It put me back in contact with one of my best friends from middle school, and gave me the opportunity to watch as she, first, rejoiced at the announcement of her pregnancy. Then I was able to follow her progress, and comment on her adorable little baby bump. Eventually facebook led to her scheduling a session with me so that I could help capture those, ever precious, first moments of the life of her sweet baby girl. I, of course, was elated and flattered to be chosen to take part in this fantastic milestone in the evolution of a family.

Baby Sophia was quite comfortable where she was, in mama's belly, and decided to show up fashionably late, but she is sooo worth the wait. When I first saw her, I was in awe of her tiny size. At just under 6 lbs (after losing a pound after birth) she was a perfect little peanut. Sophia was an angel all the way through, and was such a trooper, putting up with all of the set changes and repositioning.

Of course, I couldn't wait to see what we ended up with, and in turn, had such a hard time narrowing down the pics for this blog post, but here are just a few of this adorable little angel.

Jackie, I hope you like your preview. There are so many more to come. Can't wait to finish up so that you can see the rest. :)

A special thank you to my great friend, Lisa Kaul, for all of your help during our shoot. I appreciate you being there to lend a hand.

The feather headband, pink petti-skirt (in the hat box), and the pink flower clip (in the hat box pic) are all the beautiful products of Cillerendas Princess Couture. They have some absolutely adorable products for girls. Everything is very well made, and the petti-skirt was very fluffy and FULL. I am more than pleased with everything that I bought from there. I strongly recommend that you visit their website, or you can also check them out and keep up with what they have going on, on their facebook fanpage.

This shot is so sweet because it was not posed at all. After handing Sophia back to her mama, so that we could change our setup, she instantly stuck her thumb in her mouth and started sucking on it incessantly. Being a mom to a thumb sucker, I am partial to the sweet comfort that babies take in such a simple pleasure. I ♥ this pic. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's not an addiction, it's true PASSION!

I am a hardcore photography FREAK. I spend more time than I would like to admit looking at everything related to being a photographer, and running a photography business. I have spent countless hours looking at the work of hundreds of very talented photographers, and I spend days, even weeks, knitting things like hats and cocoons that I might be able to use in future sessions. Out of ALL of the things that I love so much about photography, there is one genre that has taken hold of me, and refuses to let go. NEWBORNS!

I L-O-V-E newborn photography. My mind can go on and on for hours, days, weeks, just thinking about photographing newborns. I cannot go anywhere without seeing things and thinking how great it would be to use them in a shoot with a teeny tiny, squishy little baby. I actually have to sit down and write out a game plan for newborn sessions because I have too many ideas to pack into one shoot.

Photography is a HUGE part of my life. I would even say, shamefully, that it does distract me from my family at times. My husband is truly supportive in what I do, but often comments on how I am addicted to photography. I would like to refute that comment by saying that the time I spend looking at and learning about photography is not because I am addicted. It is just a testament to my undying PASSION for the art of it all........but newborn photography specifically. I wouldn't be opposed to admitting to a not-so-slight obsession, but it is my passion that drives that obsession. I noticed this week that I actually get a knot in my belly when I look at newborn photography, because it ignites a fire in me, and I am always itching for another chance to do what I love best.

I wish that everyone had at least one thing in life, that they had a passion for, in the way that I do for newborn photography. My passion for newborns drives me everyday to become a better, more creative photographer. Right now I am not the biggest, most well-known photographer in my area, but I know that someday I WILL be known for what I love. There is no other job in this world that I would rather do, and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to do something that makes my heart so happy, and brings joy to others at the same time.

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