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Monday, March 9, 2009

My Shootsac | Mid Michigan, Photographer | Carri Beth Photography

Well, I got my Shootsac this week. I figured I'd show it off. It's awesome, and I love it. It's very well made, and just beautiful. Much more stylish than what I was using to carry my stuff. You should check them out at For all of you who don't really need a bag for camera lenses, Jessica Claire also makes a super cute, customizeable bag for your laptop called a Hip Slip. So take a trip on over to her website and check-em' out.


Julie Cook Portraits said...

woohoo, soo jealous. You and your shootsac look GREAT! Congrats!

Zoi said...

Congrats!!! You lucky girl, I so want a shoot sac, and I would have chosen the same print as you,lol, guess I got to go buy one now,lol. Enjoy it.

Tiffany Austin | rfp said...

SO CUTE!!! I am SO jealous!

Carri M. said...

Thanks guys. I've been wanting to get one, and actually just got done showing it to my husband right before I found out about the contest. It was sooo awesome to find out that I had won it. From what I hear, that cover is one of the most popular off them all. It's just classic.

christina said...

that bag fits you so well! i have this exact same one. congratulations on the win, your photo idea was really cute!

Sharon Miller said...

you lucky bum. :) you have a shoot sak.
As usual I'm behind on news. Congrats on your win. Great prize.

Carri M. said...

Love the bag! I love how everything fits nice and snug (not gonna fall outta this sucker), and I just love the look and the fact that I can change it. It's like having a bunch of different bags in one. I guess I'll have to start collecting covers for it. My husband outta be THRILLED about that. LOL.

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